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Divine Angelic Blessings

Divine Angelic Blessings

Welcome to Divine Angelic Blessings! I offer Readings, Reiki, and Meditation. With a variety of offerings to choose from, I am sure you'll be happy working with me. Created and established by Cheryl Ceurvels these modalities are offered in the hope that each soul I encounter may find peace, healing, and the inspiration to evolve!


Cheryl is an empath who is both psychic and intuitive. From a young age Cheryl has experienced seeing, hearing, and feeling things others were not aware of. As the years passed Cheryl began to understand that these experiences were a gift and began using Angel Cards to facilitate readings and validate messages from spirit for both herself and others. The purpose of an Angel Card Reading is to promote peace, healing and clarity. Readings can help with relationships, personal growth, grief and much more. Perhaps messages from those who have gone before us will come through as guidance. Readings can help you find answers and help you to cope and evolve to a higher level of understanding of both yourself and others. Communication with Spirit and the Angels can help you create the life you truly desire. Readings are a reflection of where you are now and the possibilities available to you. Messages are always loving, kind and truly helpful.

The purpose of an Angel Reading is to provide peace, healing and clarity to this moment in time. Perhaps you need spiritual insight and direction to create your best life now. Join me as I communicate with the Divine to help you to fulfill your destiny and honor your dreams!

Angel Readings and Parties Gather together with friends and host an Angel Reading with a minimum of 6 participants and no more than 8. All readings are 20 minutes and cost $30.00 (if travel is involved $35.00)

Private Sessions In Person Readings

Call 774-810-0046 or email [email protected] and we will set up a time.

Email Readings Email readings offer the same messages available at an in person reading and are often more detailed. Send your question or allow me to tap into spirit for advice on what you most need to know in this moment. Once payment is made email [email protected] with your intention and the reading will be completed within 48 hours and sent to the email of your choice.

Interested in a Reading but uncertain about where? Try a one-card email reading for an opportunity to get to know my style. Simply make payment and email me with a question or just let the angels decide what you most need to know!

Single Card Reading
30 Minute Reading
60 Minute Reading
Email Reading

Gift Certificates Available

Services are available by appointment.

For an appointment call Cheryl at Divine Angelic Blessings 774-810-0046