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Cheryl Ceurvels, CHt

Certified Hypnotherapist

Angel Card Readings, Reiki, Integrated Energy

Therapy and Crystal Energy Healing

Cheryl is a holistic health practitioner who believes in the power of the mind to attract physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Cheryl is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Intuitive. She also practices Reiki, Crystal Energy Healing and Integrated Energy Therapy.

Cheryl has come from what many of us know as a dysfunctional family. Her life has been filled with abuse, loss, disappointment and illness. For most of her life she struggled to find a way to heal. Most of her adult life was spent participating in traditional therapy but time after time she would find herself right back where she started. In 2008, life became almost more than she could bear when she lost her son through a legal system that was designed to protect and instead has only added to the abuse and injustice. It was then that Cheryl found another road when she discovered methods of healing not previously available to her. During this time, Cheryl became quickly immersed in several holistic modalities and studied them with great interest. The introduction of holistic healing quickly became more successful than a lifetime of therapy and medication treatment. This new journey took the focus off what and why her problems occurred and put it more clearly on how to overcome them and write a new story. One way Cheryl accomplished this and continues to move forward is through meditation. As a meditator and meditation teacher Cheryl has come to realize that all of our answers are safely within our subconscious mind and we need only to learn how to access them. Through consistent mediation Cheryl has become more aware of her own thought patterns and this has helped change how she responds to her thoughts or events and has literally begun changing the way she thinks. With continued dedication to self and meditation her thought patterns lived out her entire life are beginning to shift and change in both her inner and outer worlds.

Meditation and supplemental holistic healing continues to help her retrieve precious answers to the great and small questions about herself, her relationships, and her role in the world.

"Through meditation I have begun to return to the person I know myself to be. The years of negative thought patterns are beginning to change and this has made positive differences in my life that I never thought possible." Although I continue to hit rough patches as we all do, I find I do it different now. I am more grateful for what I have and for all the love and friendship that surrounds me. I no longer take the role of a victim but always find myself asking what any new and given situation is trying to teach me. I know that all the holistic modalities that I have experienced have initiated great change in me and I continue to put them to practice in my own life. I am now a firm believer in the body, mind, spirit connection and I would like to share all the love, support and healing I have received with others in the hope that they too will find more peace, joy and love in their lives."

One of Cheryl's goals is to help others to help themselves and not only hear about healing and the law of attraction but learn how to apply that in their own lives, in their own time and in their own way. This is what her Angel Readings and other modalities are able to foster. While in session her intuitive skills, compassion and understanding are in action and she combines this with her connection to spirit.

" My mission is to bring the message of natural healing and angelic blessings to as many people as possible, by providing an encouraging environment for the body, mind and spirit to heal them and work in unison to provide a happier, peaceful, joyful and loving life."

Love and Blessings