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Meditation causes Miracles! Meditation is a simple, but life-transforming skill that can provide relaxation, self-knowledge and empowerment. Answers to all of our questions lie within our mind body connection. All we need to do is quiet our minds and tune in to the wisdom of our bodies to align ourselves to a deeper sense of self and opening ourselves to what's possible.

One of the biggest misconceptions about meditation is that it will be about blissfully experiencing nothing. Just try thinking about nothing! What if I asked you to close your eyes right now and not think of a red car. It's not so easy. In fact it's probably hard to think about anything else. In reality, meditation is about experiencing everything both inside and outside of ourselves. It is not about stopping thoughts, butrather learning to observe them. In fact, when you begin meditation you will most likely notice lots of thoughts rushing in. This is perfectly normal, the key is to let the thoughts come and go without focus on any particular one. In this way mediation becomes an exercise of training your mind that allows you to become familiar with your thought patterns. In the beginning, many people think of all the other things they could be doing but simply noticing these feelings will help you to become more relaxed with the chaos of your mind. The more relaxed you become with the chaos of your mind during meditation, the more accustomed you become when to relaxing when chaos surrounds you.

To understand how meditation can help, it’s useful to understand the causes and conditions under which mental health and emotional problems arise. Author Christopher Willard noted, "Competing theories abound, but what is clear is that certain events and influences in our lives, combined with our genetic programming, can lead us into habitual thought patterns about ourselves and the world around us. These repeating “tapes” we play in our heads are often established in childhood and become deeply ingrained in our psyche and wired into our brain the time we reach adulthood. They drive us to grasp after some things and avoid others, too often unaware of why we ever started reacting in these ways in the first place.Often our strategies relieve the pain, but at other times they lead us into more trouble. Over time, however, these patterns become physiologically hardwired. Our neural pathways form into ruts that are not always helpful. If you imagine a dirt road that ambles across a meadow you might see that the road is worn down over the years by trucks repeatedly driving over the same tracks. We continue to drive on this path because it has been worn down, and we get stuck in old thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Now imagine for a moment that a gentle rain comes and softens the whole field. With soft ground, creating a fresh and more direct path is that much easier. Meditation is like the rain that falls on the meadow, softening the ground to make blazing a new path easier. In time, we take the new path simply because it is there and becomes worn in deeper each time we drive down it. We gradually find it becomes clear that anxious or depressed thoughts and feelings are mere events caused by the brain and are by nature impermanent. We can’t necessarily change the thoughts, but we don’t need to believe them either. We can choose how we respond to those thoughts rather than instantly reacting to them. Gradually, thought patterns begin to change, and new thoughts emerge that are based on the reality around us rather than conditioned habits. This is not to say we should never believe our thoughts, it’s just that we can become aware of the contexts in which they arise. Accepting thoughts at face value or seeing them as permanent can cause misperceptions."

It is not always possible to change circumstances but it is possible to change our reaction to those events. Often people worry that meditation will make them more passive or turn them into a pushover or a doormat but, in reality, and with practice, we learn to see our situation more clearly and then have the wisdom of knowing how and when to act."

Meditation works the same if not better for children as it can stop emotional issues before they become patterns and inspire children to trust themselves and their own inner resources to help them navigate the course of their life's effortlessly.

Private and Group Sessions Are Available